In the metallurgical industry, several activities related to the transformation and treatment of metals are carried out, with which a significant number of products are made that are used in different productive areas and value chains. This industry is responsible for the work of more than 3 million people around the world. The main activities are: production of and derived products; iron and steel casting; non-ferrous casting; metal extraction; manufacture of machinery and equipment for the metallurgical industry; manufacture of metallic products and auxiliary materials for construction and transport; manufacture and repair of electromechanical equipment; manufacture of metallic elements. 

Prodismo is within this industry with three key business units for the industrial development of our country and the region. Assembly lines, aluminum injection molds and stamping dies for metal parts. 

An assembly line is a process that includes engineering, manufacturing, and integration, where different parts that make up a product are mechanically joined as the work process progresses sequentially. 

The assembly lines they are the most effective method for assembling complex parts such as automobiles and other transportation equipment, electronic goods, and household appliances. The progress of the so-called Industry 4.0 has been fundamental in this business unit, where interconnectivity and automation make it possible to improve the quality and efficiency of production processes. 

While the tooling are used in stamping to shape sheet metal and other metal shapes. A typical application is the manufacture of automotive body parts. 

Current techniques are capable of creating molds and dies with micron precision, which contributes to the series production of products with the same shape and quality, in a wide range of areas. Prodismo achieves products of proven quality, under ISO9001 standards with the productive processes that it implements in its development and years of experience in this area. Taking care of every detail from the design, casting, machining, adjustments, tests and measurement through a wide variety of metrology equipment.

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